This website has evolved over the last 12 years of study in response to the most important transition in contemporary civilization: the beginning of the end of the short fossil-fuel industrial age.

I am a retired-engineer, farmer, speaker, and author who has focused on every aspect of this subject, especially searching for quantitative facts and possible solutions. Initially, I thought I could help by building and testing solar-powered cars and tractors as examples of successors for the petroleum-fueled machines we take for granted today, thereby choosing The website keeps the original name but now attempts to educate the main-stream public about all issues related to our urgent need for action.

The included brief one-page paper, "Gigantic Crises Demand Out-of-the-Box Solutions" attempts to summarize where we are and focuses on American gasoline consumption as a fundamental part of our problem. Appendix A shows our complete dependency on oil.

The specific details of every aspect related to this work are included in a comprehensive book with eleven chapters in pdf form. These can be viewed or downloaded from links below. The complete book is available through Amazon or by mail to any specified address. A suggested donation of $15 will cover printing and worldwide shipping.

A PowerPoint summary (with a focus on U.S. gasoline consumption) can be downloaded from the links at left.

For pertenent YouTube video click here.

Here are the chapters and corresponding figures:

Table of Contents

Foreword/Correspondence by Colin Campbell


Chapter 1: World Liquid Fuel Consumption Highlighting U.S. Gasoline

Chapter 2: How Much Longer Do We Have?

Chapter 3: Education and Personal Action

Chapter 4: In-Depth Review: Finite Fuels, Renewables, all Resources

Chapter 5: A Solar-Electric Future

Chapter 6: Population and Per Capita Oil Consumption

Chapter 7: Gasoline Rationing, The Only Equitable Way

Chpater 8: Food-Energy, the Fragile Link Between Resources and Population

Chapter 9: Downsizing and Localization

Chapter 10: Economics in an Energy-Constrained Future

Chapter 11: Leadership and Politics, How Will We Get There?

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